The sonar head and topside unit of Seabat T50 Multi-Beam Echosounder


Multiple detections for enhanced detail over complex features and water column targets is functioning.

A sample image of the seabed around a fish-farm

Applying the Multi-Detection, mooring ropes of the fisha-farm are depicted.


X-Range is powerful function to improve range and reduce the impact of external noise.
Equipment nameSeabat T50
ManufacturerTeledyne Marine
Type of equipmentUltra-High Resolution Multi-beam Echosounder for Sallow-Waters
Beam formingCross fan-beam technology
OutfittingSide-pole mounting
Applicable water depths0.5~550m
Max. Swath Angle150°(equi-distance)、170°(equi-angle)
Max. range575m
Beam Width0.5°× 1°(400kHz)、1°× 2°(200kHz)
Number of BeamsMax. 1,024 beams
Range Resolution0.6㎝
Max Ping Rate50Hz
Dimensions of Topside Unit 462×478×88mm / 12.3kg
Dimensions of the Transduces280×93.1×86.6mm / 5.4kg(Tx)
90.7×460×102mm / 8.2kg(Rx)
Key feature of INS
NavSight Apogee
Roll & Pitch 0.008°(with RTK)
Real Time Heave 5cm or 5%, Delayed Heave 2cm or 2%
Heading 0.025°(with 4m dist. antenna)