Sonic 2024 is a high-spec Multi-Beam Echo Sounder, which has a maximum swath width of 160 degrees with 256 beams: an Ultra High Density mode is also available which employs 1024 beams. Sonic 2024 can be set up to frequencies ranging from 170 – 450kHz and its compact sonar head size means it can even be fitted on a small boat, and is thus an ideal MBES instrument for very shallow to shallow waters up to depths of about 400m.

Utilizing Sonic 2024 in conjunction with a high-performance Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) named APPLANIX POS MV WAVEMASTER II, means that OEC is able to offer clients highly accurate and high productivity bathymetric surveys intended for hydrography, harbors, offshore wind farms, inshore submarine cables, archaeological investigations and so on.