Sonic 2026 is a state-of-the-art MBES. In contrast to Sonic 2024, OEC’s Sonic 2026 also offers the optional frequency of 100kHz in addition to the selectable frequencies of 170 – 450kHz. Sonic 2026’s improved beamwidths of 0.45° at 450kHz, 1° at 200kHz and 2° at 100kHz, in addition to its pitch stabilizing system, means it can provide even more accurate bathymetric data than Sonic 2024. This MBES can also be fitted on a small boat and can be employed for a wider range of waters up to 1000m deep. These features mean that Sonic 2026 not only provides survey accuracy, but they also mean that OEC can offer surveys in medium waters at a very economical cost.

 Sonic 2026 fitted on a small boat.