EM302 is Multi-Beam Echosounder for waters up to depths of 7,000 meters. The maximum swath width at each pass is 8,000m. By using Kongsberg Maritime’s EM302, OEC is able to offer bathymetric surveys of virtually all ocean areas worldwide, with the exception of several extremely deep oceanic trenches.
OEC’s EM302 has been installed onto the multi-purpose work vessel “KAIYU” (belonging to Offshore Operation Co. Ltd.), so that OEC is ready to rapidly deploy in order to conduct accurate and detailed bathymetric surveys in accordance with client instructions.

Except for areas in blue, all other waters can be surveyed.
Bathymetric data together with water column, scanning image, ship attitudes and so on can be displayed in real-time onboard ship.
The EM302 is hull-mounted on the multi-purpose work vessel “KAIYU” belonging to Offshore Operation Co. The EM302 is owned by Ocean Engineering Corp. together with Offshore Operation Co. Ltd.