PDR series is reliable, precise, economical and robust echosounder manufactured by Senbondenki Co. Ltd., in Japan.

OEC owns PDR-1300, PDR-601 and PDR-104D

PDR-13000: Single-Beam Echosounder with 200kHz transducer, ranging up to 250m WD.

PDR-601: This Echosounder used to be widely employed for Hydrographic Surveys in Japan, in conjunction with four transducers, those are 230kHz, 190kHz, 210kHz and 170kHz Frequency. This echosounder is still very useful for the hydrographic surveys for the chart correction in waters up to 140m WD.

PDF104D: This is a Single=Beam Echosounder for the Mid-Water up to 2000m WD with 28kHz frequency acoustic beam. The PDR-104D has an advantage in the survey cost due to light weight and easy for outfitting.