Message from CEO

Our range of business activities is mainly centered on Japan’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) which have an extremely wide diversity in their depth range, geological formative processes, environmental conditions, ecosystems and so on. From ancient times, people living in Japan’s islands have been strongly influenced by these surrounding waters and in recent centuries, these marine environments and ecosystems have been deeply impacted by human development.

OEC is an engineering company whose purpose is “Connecting the Oceans and Society through Marine Surveying” in Japan’s waters, waters which possess a high potential in a wide range of industries both globally and locally.

In particular, we are a leading company in Japan in the field of route surveys for submarine infrastructures, i.e., communication cables, power cables and pipelines.

Economic activity in Japan’s water is now dramatically changing due to the recent initiation of Offshore Wind Farm projects. Consequently, we shall actively work to maintain our leadership as we update and enhance our survey and engineering techniques for our customers. We do this as a reflection of our motto “Reliability, Accuracy, Safety and Rapidity”.

Takaho KITA
CEO, Ocean Engineering Corp.
March, 2023

Basic Information about us

Company nameOcean Engineering Corporation.
Address43 Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref., 305-0841, JAPAN
TEL+81 29 897 3151
FAX+81 29 897 3152
Capital50 million yen
History1973 Founded on 4 April as “Ocean Survey Ltd., Inc.”
1990 Joined OYO Corp. Group
1995 Introduced Shallow-Water Multibeam Echosounder “RESON Seabat 9001”
1996 Re-established on 6 September as “Ocean Engineering Corporation”
2000 Introduced Med-Water Multibeam Echosounder “Kongsberg EM1002”
2012 Introduced Deep-Water Multibeam Echosounder “Kongsberg EM302”
2016 Transferred office to current location
2022 Introduced Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle “EIVA Scanfish Katria” in conjunction with 4 magnetometer “Geometrics G-882”
Chief Executive OfficerTakaho KITA
Business registrationLand & Marine Survey Company (測量業 (第(6)- 24293 号) )
Number of employees22

OEC Information Security Policy

1. Scope of application

Application of this policy relates to information assets held by the Company and related agents and all employees (including part-time workers, and agency supplied temporary staff).

2. Information management

We continually improve our information security operations, and provide regular training to all employees. In addition, we appropriately manage the information we handle.

3. Countermeasures

In order to manage and limit risks to data that we handle in the course of business, which may potentially include data loss, data corruption and data leakage, we have implemented extensive technical and environmental measures and continuously improve our systems.

4. Compliance

In managing information security, we shall comply with relevant laws and regulations such as ISO 27001, contractual obligations, and social norms.

Access to our office

By public transportation (Train and Bus):

Get off at “Kenkyu-Gakuen Station (TX19)” on Tsukuba-Express Line (Originating at Akihabara Station in Tokyo), and then,


By car:

5 minutes’ drive from “Tsukuba-Chuou Exit” on Ken-ou Express Way

Location of bus-stop for the free shuttle bus operated by OYO Corp.

Approx. 20 – 30 meters to the right after exiting Kenkyu-Gakuen Station (TX19).

There are two benches in front of the bus-stop.

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Main Operations of the OYO Group
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Engineering and Risk Services Corporation

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KOEI Consultant Co., Ltd.

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NS Environment Corporation

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Tohoku Boring Co., Ltd.

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Overseas OYO Group Companies

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Civil engineering, construction design, and construction management

FC Inspection Pte. Ltd.  (Singapore)

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Geometrics, Inc.  (California, U.S.A.)

Development, manufacture and sale of seismographs, magnetometers and Geoelectrical instruments

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (New Hampshire, U.S.A.)

Development, manufacture and sale of underground radar exploration equipment

IRIS Instruments SAS (France)

Development, manufacture and sale of electric exploration equipment

Kinemetrics, Inc. (California, U.S.A.)

Development, manufacture, and sale of seismometers, and seismic observation systems

OYO Corporation, Pacific (Guam, U.S.A.)

Geological and soil surveys, civil engineering design

OYO Corporation U.S.A.  (California, U.S.A.)

North America Regional Headquarters

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