Towfish, TPU and PC of System 3000 dual frequency Side-Scan Sonar

Scars on the seabed
Ripple marks
Equipment nameSystem3000
Frequency100KHz・500KHz(Dual Frequency)
Pulse Width25~400μsec
Horizontal Beam Width100KHz  1°  500KHz 0.2°
Max. Range (meters/side)450m (100kHz), 150m(500kHz)
Vertical Beam Width40°
TVG range80dB
Standard SensorHeading, Roll & Pitch
Max, Operation Depth1500m WD (Depended on the Cable Length)
Towfish Dimensionφ890×1220(L)mm
Weight in AIr29kg
Operation SoftwareSonarPro、SonarWiz
TPU DimensionW132×L546×H483mm、Weight 12.7kg (in Air)
ApplicationsSubmarine Calbe/Pipeline Survey
Searching potentially obstructions (ex. debris, shipwreck and UXO)
Marine archeology
AdvantagesLight weight, easy operation and clear images with any type of ships/boats
PDF CatalogueSystem3000