EdgeTech 4205 is a state-of-the-art Side Scan Sonar system which can provide clear, high-resolution seabed images as a result of EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology. Thanks this advanced system, it is now possible to conduct surveys covering a distance up to 50% more than before. This means higher quality surveys at potentially low costs.

OEC’s EdgeTech 4205 model is the tri-frequency Side Scan Sonar version by which two acoustic frequency signals can be selected among the three predesignated frequencies of 230kHz, 540kHz and 850kHz. The combination of two of these frequencies allows us to perform an ideal survey combining both high resolution and wide range.

We can operate this Side San Sonar in waters at depths up to 1500m utilizing our towing cable rolled on the winch system. Utilizing tandem towing, we can also carry out Side Scan Sonar surveying together with Magnetometer surveying at the same time.

Applicable water depths5~2,000m
最大レンジ(片舷)230kHz:350m, 540kHz:150m, 850kHz:90m
水平ビーム角度230kHz:0.44°, 540kHz:0.26°, 850kHz:0.23°
分解能(進行方向)230kHz:1.2m@200m, 540kHz:0.45m@100m, 850kHz:0.20m@50m
分解能(直交方向)230kHz:3cm, 540kHz:1.5cm@00m, 850kHz:1cm