SH-20 is a Sub-Bottom Profiler, produced by Senbondenki Co. Ltd., in Japan.

This is unique SBP combining with low frequency transducers (Tx/Rx) and a high frequency transducer. The low frequency signature of 5 - 10 kHz can penetrate up to around 10m below seabed in shallow water up to 80m WD. The high frequency signature of 200 kHz detects the seabed simultaneously. Thus, the thickness of the most-top soil can be accurately determined.

As pictures shown, this equipment is not modern, but its performance is not out-of-date. For digital data processing, A/D processor can be connected as well.

Equipment nameSH-20
ManufacturerSenbondenki Co. Litd.
Type of equipmentSub-Bottom Profiler
Applicable water depths0.5m~80m WD
Frequency and Beam WidthHigh Frequency, signature 200kHz, 6° , Low Frequency signature 5,7,10kHz, 50°
Recording methodsPaper and Digital
Applicable boat/shipsmall boat is applicable
AdvantagesEasy to outfitting and low cost