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Model G880/G882
Manufacturer GEOMETRIC (The United States)
Counter Sensitivity (G880) Typically 0.05nT at 0.1 second sample rate 0.03nT at 0.2 second sample rate 0.01nT at 1.0 second sample rate
Counter Sensitivity (G882) Typically 0.002nT at 1 second sample rate
Operating Range (G880/G882) 17,000~100,000nT / 20,000~100,000nT
Heading Error (G880/G882) ±0.5nT / ±1nT
Absolute Accuracy (G880/G882) ±2nT / <3nT
Operating Depth (G880/G882) Max 1500m / 2750m
Weight (G880/G882) 17.2kg / 18kg
Dimensions (G880/G882) L2.11×φ0.11m / L1.37×φ0.07m
Sales Point G-series are cesium vapor magnetometer with high sensitivity and sampling rete, mainly used to searching existing subsea cables and pipelines.
ISO 27001

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