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L-3 KLEIN System3000

Pull an anchor; a trace
Submerged vessel
Model System3000
Manufacturer L-3 KLEIN (The United States)
Frequency 100 or 500kHz
Pulse Length 25~400μsec
Horizonal Beam Angle 100kHz / 1.0° 500kHz / 0.2°
Operating Range 100kHz / Max450m 500kHz / Max150m (One side)
Vertical Beam Angle 40°
TVG Range 80dB
Operating Depth ~500m (Survival depth 1500m)
Weight (Towfish) In the air : 29kg
Dimensions (Towfish) L1220 / Φ890 (mm)
Weight (TPU) 12.7kg
dimensions (TPU) L546 / W483 / H132 (mm)
Typical Use Submarine cable route survey Underwater lost object search
Sales Point Lightweight and compact tow-fish meets to various use and boat.
ISO 27001

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