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Edge Tech 2000-DSS

Model 2000-DSS
Manufacturer EdgeTech (The United States)
Weight In the air:145kg In the water:78kg
Dimensions L145 / W74 / H84 (cm)
Accuracy (Towfish Positon) 0.1% of cable length (with underwater acoustic positioning system)
Accuracy (motion sensor) Roll:±0.4° Pitch:±0.4°
Frequency (SSS) 100 / 400kHz
Operating Range (SSS) 100kHz / Max500m 400kHz / Max150m (One side)
Along Track Resolution 100kHz / 1.08° or 1.90m 400kHz / 0.56° or 0.96m
Across Track Resolution 100kHz / 6.3cm 400kHz / 1.8cm
Frequency (SBP) 2~16kHz
Max Resolution (SBP) 6~10cm
Beam Angle (SBP) 17~24°
Penetration in Coarse sand 6m
Penetration in clay 80m
Operating Depth 5~2000m
Typical Use Submarine cable route survey Underwater lost object search
Sales Point Acquire Side-scanning image and sub-bottom profile at the same time in depth of water up to 2000m. And capable to attach magnetometer to the toefish and carry out survey up to 1500m water depth.
ISO 27001

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