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Inquiry over the telephone

The request to us accepts an inquiry.
The following inquiry form is available, too, but, in the case of dispatch, please talk over a telephone.

TEL. 029-897-3151

The receptionist for the inquiry over the telephone is from 9:00 to 17:00 of from Monday to Friday.
Please note that the correspondence of the inquiry of the overtime is business day, the following day on Saturday, Sundays and holidays. 

Privacy policy

On the administration of our site, I consider it for personal information in deference to a privacy policy enough and protect it carefully and act in performing appropriate management.

[use purpose of the personal information]
a) Various notification to offer service to the request of the visitor.
b) The notification of the answer to question that you inquired.

 ・I do not use the personal information that I acquired other than the purpose without the agreement of the person.
 ・I take measures so that information does not leak out and supervise not only the employee but also the trust supplier.
 ・I do not offer information to the third party without obtaining the person's consent.
 ・I disclose information depending on the request from the person.
 ・When disclosed personal information is different from a fact, I accept a correction and deletion.
 ・For the complaint about the privacy policy, I deal with appropriate quickness.

Inquiry form

Please read "the privacy policy" mentioned above on the use with an inquiry form by all means.
Please click a button to "an input contents confirmation screen" in inputting a matter necessary for the following form if you can agree to the contents mentioned above.
In addition, depending on the contents of the inquiry, an answer may be late. Thank you for your understanding.
ISO 27001

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