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Reson Seabat8125

Wave-dissipating block
senkutsujokyo by the building a breakwater
The big ship which lies in the bottom of the sea
Model Seabat8125
Manufacturer Reson(Denmark)
Classfication Multi-beam echo sounder for the shallow sea
Operating Mounting type Multi-beam echo sounder is used side of ship.
Renge Depth Max. 120m
Swath Width 3.4xDepth (m)
Beam Widths 0.5°×1.0°
No of beams 240
Accuracy 5cm
Frequency 455kHz
Weight 24kg (in the air)
Length H192 / W383 / L499 mm
Recording Windows PC
Adaptation to Hydrographic Survey Yes
Side-scan image Yes (Max. resolution:20cm)
Vessel size More than several tons vessels
Accuracy (Unrest sensor) 0.025°(RMS)
Accuracy (Heading) 0.075°
Accuracy (Position) Degree 1m(DGPS)/ 3cm (RTK-GPS)
Sales Point Lightweight and ease setup, nevertherless the high-density data.
ISO 27001

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