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Kongsberg Maritime EM302

EM302 is a multi-beam depth finder for the deep sea. suwasu sounding to depth of the water 7000m is possible, and the measurement is possible by width of up to 8,000m. In this way, except the particularly deep sea area including the trench, I was able to almost measure seafloor topography of the whole world.
Our EM302 is bottom of a ship outfit finished to a large ship and realizes the investigation in the short term and it is highly precise and also realizes the efficient depth of the water data acquisition.
I cover sea area almost all except the trench
I can monitor a water column and a scan image, various information including the situation of the unrest in real time
System outline
I am composed of four transmission devices, two receiving device
I can record the side scan image at the same time, too
Data sample of Umiyama
The equipment name EM302
Maker Kongsberg Maritime (Norway)
Model classification Multi-beam depth finder for the deep sea
The adaptation depth of the water 10-7000m (maker specifications)
By the actual survey, it is *tokujitsu* of up to 7,400m.
suwasu width The 3.5 X depth of the water: Up to 8,000m
The beam-oriented corner 2 degrees *4 degree
The number of the beams 144
Sounding precision *0.2% of 10cm or depth of the water
Oscillatory frequency 30kHz / 26-34kHz
The pulse head 0.7 , 2.0, 15ms CW / FM chapu wave
Collecting device Work station
Adaptation to hydrography Adaptive
Side scan function Existence (resolution around 1m)
Good point The adaptation depth of the water is deep, and suwasu width is wide
Real-time processing is possible
Tide, influence of the walrus It is measurable until unrest of Roll ±15 degrees / Pitch ±10 degrees
Sales point Depth finder for the deep sea where does not have the minimum in the domestic company
Bottom of a ship outfit finished to a large ship
PDF catalogue EM302
Model EM302
Manufacturer Kongsberg Maritime(Norway)
Classfication Multi-beam echo sounder for the deep sea
Operating Operate in gondola style and able to attach to the bottom of various vessels
Renge Depth 10~7000m(Manufacturer's specification) We have had operating experience up to 7800m
Swath Width 5.5xDepth, to approx 9000m
Beam Widths 2°×4°
No of beams 144
Accuracy 10cm or Depth×0.2%
Frequency 30kHz / 26~34kHz
Pulse Length / Pulse Forms 0.7,2.0,15ms CW / FM chirp
Weight 2t ( include a gondola) in the air
Recording Work station
Adaptation to Hydrographic Survey Yes
Side-scan image Yes (Max resolution:1m)
Vessel size More than several hundred tons (Usually more than 200 tons) Steel ship
Capacity Against Oscillation of the vessel Even when the height of waves around 5m, we can carry out multi-beam survey. (Roll±15°/ Pitch±10°)
Typical Use Submarine cable route survey Deep sea topography mapping
Sales Point Multi-beam echo sounder for deep water which is extremely few in Japan. Copable to attach to various kind of vessels.
ISO 27001

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