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Under water Positioning System

Other Equipment

Products Manufacturer No of possession
GNNS Survey airplane GP-DX1,Trimble 5700,Trimble Net R9 TOPCON. Nikon-Trimble 5
Sub bottom profiler ChirpII BENTHOS 1
Current meter Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP Teledyne 1
Wave height meter  Oceanographic-phenomena merter Kyowa syoukou Co.,Ltd. 1
Water  level gauge Float type , Hydraulic type OYO Corporation  etc.  3
Sound velocity profiler  SVPS Applied Microsystems 4
Sound velocity profiler  XBT/XCTD T.S.K The Tsurumi-Seiki Co.,Ltd. 2
Underwater camera EYE-BALL Universal Shipbuilding Corporation 3
ISO 27001

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