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President greetings

The ocean surrounding Japan provides a lot of blessing to enrich our life through the history. On the other hand, the ocean provides sometimes a large misfortune as like the tsunami occurred at 11 March 2011.
The necessity for understanding and development of ocean is increasing in the condition of not only the development but also protection against disaster.
We, Ocean Engineering Corporation (OEC), have made use of our technology for the development and protection with our steady technical improvements, and with the thanks and awe to the ocean.
OEC provide the reliable ocean survey technology to meet the sustainable ocean development harmonized with the environment, and aim at further high technology to carry out our mission.


Norio Kurihara

Company profile

Company name
Ocean engineering
European language name
Ocean Engineering Corporation
The head office location
〒305-0841 43, Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
April 5, 1973
September 2, 1996
50 million yen
Mizuho Bank Tokyo corporation sales department
President Norio Kurihara
Managing director     The north high ear
Board member      The north exit justice intellect
Board member      Nobutaka Oshiro
Auditor      Atsushi Kiyomiya
The number of employees
21 people
Business outline
Surveying business (dai (6) -24293)
Qualified person
Professional engineer (applied science section (geological feature)) 1
Professional engineer (general technical control section)    1
Surveyor              9
Assistant surveyor             2
The hydrography technique official approval first grade       9
Harbor ocean study person (quality of soil, geological survey) 2 
Harbor ocean study person (deepness and lightness surveying)    10 
Assistant harbor ocean study person         3 
Fisheries engineering engineer (fisheries engineering works section) 1 
The first grade small size ship pilot         3 
The second grade small size ship pilot         2

Information security basic policy


I assume it the range including the human physical environmental resource in conjunction with our information assets to hold and this and assume it personnel (including a part-time job part timer, the temporary employee).


2.Information management

I fix the promotion system of the information security activity and perform periodical education to personnel and perform appropriate management about information to deal with.


The information assets of the on-the-job visitor to treat take measures such as technical aspect and environment sides to prevent the risks such as data leaks, and they do continuous improvement.

4.Laws and ordinances observance

On information security management, I obey associated laws and ordinances, the duty in the contract and a social norm.


May 12, 2014
  Representative director Norio Kurihara


〒305-0841 43, Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
■It is the use by a train
Tsukuba Express "Kenkyu-Gakuen Station" getting off
 It is 25 minutes on foot.
   It is seven minutes by taxi
   By OYO microbus seven minutes (require reservation)
 (the prearranged telephone call connection number lists it in a bus timetable.)
    The bus timetable following has a ride position figure.
■It is the use by car
It is five minutes from the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway "Tsukuba center" IC.

OYO microbus ride position figure

I go out Kenkyu-Gakuen Station, the wicket in the left hand direction and am a place (benches next to each other an indication) of dozens of meters.

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■Domestic affiliates

OYO Corporation
I provide technical service and the apparatus of the world standard to be concerned with production sale earth science of the metering equipment for the umbrella organization of the OYO group, plan, investigation, design, construction, construction management, maintenance about engineering works, construction and the geological survey.

Applied seismometry
A geological survey accompanied with the seismometer setting and surveying, offer, development of the earthquake apparatus, earthquake disaster prevention consultant

Applied resource management
Offer, network construction of a geological survey and the customer management system, sale of the OA apparatus, insurance against loss agency duties, human resources dispatch, ISO qualification consulting service
Applied measurement service company
Rental duties of the general consultant of the ground measurement and the geological survey-related apparatus
N S environment
Environmental research, measurement, hygiene management, asbestos investigation, analysis, measures construction
*ei consultant
Construction consulting service
Tohoku bowling
A geological feature, a quality of soil investigation, a landslide investigation and an investigation into design, construction, groundwater of the measures construction and development, construction, maintenance of the water source well, hot spring well, design, construction of facilities to water-treat, surveying, design
Applied are M S
Analysis, evaluation, risk management service of the natural disaster risk
South enemy's blind spot quality
Geological feature, quality of soil, groundwater, landslide, disaster prevention, ground investigation analysis consultant
E are S
Analysis, evaluation, risk management service of the natural disaster risk
OYO International, Inc.
Overseas infrastructure maintenance, aquatic resources management, natural disaster measures, plan, investigation, designs of various development such as environmental maintenance, exploration development plan of underground resources
Kay sea S
Community-based consulting service company
OYO asset service
It is a general insurance agency handling three various insurance companies (afurakku, morning sun fire, Tokio Marine & Nichido).
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. 029-897-3151
I wait for the inquiry over the telephone
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