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Submarine Cable Route Survey

・APG cable route investigation 
・East Japan OBS project (submarine earthquake tsunami observation network) ocean study
Cable route investigation between Hachijojima - Ogasawara
・Cable route investigation between anchi - Dosho
Toba offing bottom of the sea seismometer route investigation
・Hokkaido - Sakhalin cable route investigation
・Development ocean study of the bottom of the sea network system
・Hirashima - Eshima other cable routes investigation
・Route investigation between Niigata - Sadogashima
・LAG Pacific route investigation
・PC-1 cable route investigation

Submarine Pipeline Route Survey

Route survey for deep-sea-water pipeline in Maldive.
Route survey for deep-sea-water pipeline off Owase.
Route survey for deep-sea-water pipeline at Rausu fishing port.
Okayama submarine aqueduct route survey.
Chiba gas pipeline route survey.

Marine construction management survey

Tokyo international airport
Kansai international airport

Chart revision survey

Nanao port, Ishigaki port, Kumamoto port, Maizuru port…

Variation survey of sediments at Dam Lake

In Miyagi, Gunma, Kumamoto, Yamagata, Ehime…

Search for underwater missing article

Search for wreck ship at the offing of Korea, Goto islands…
Search for airplane at the offing of Korea.
ISO 27001

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