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With the stratum exploration

Sub-bottom profiling is used to clarify the sub-seabed geological structure. The yellow color in the right figure shows the shallow area less than 200m in water depth, and magenta color the deep area from 200m to 5000m. These areas are our territory by sub-bottom profiling.
Our deep tow system with side scan sonar is adapted up to 1500m in water depth.

■Mounting Type

Mounting type sub-bottom profiler is used by outfitting the equipment to bottom or side of the ship. Portable type system can be used economically with a small boat as shown in the right figure.

■Tow-fish Type

Tow-fish type sub-bottom profiler is used by towing the transducer (Tow-fish) with the special winch. The merit of this system is to obtain the high resolution data by transmitting and receiving at the close position from seabed. The positioning of tow-fish is used to adopt the method of Ultra Short Base Line (USBL).

Many types of tow-fish have both transducers of sub-bottom profiler and side scan sonar to show the high performance, and are used to use for the route survey of cable and pipeline.
Example of subbottom stratum profile
Subbottom & Seabed survey
Senbondenki SH-20
Sedimentary state of floating mud
Gondola for ship's side installation of subbottom profiling system
Towfish of subbottom profiing system
Installation image of subbottom profilling system in ship's bottom

The example of operating

Marine geological survey
Submarine cable route survey
Bottom sediment survey
ISO 27001

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