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Swath Bathymetric Survey

Echo sounding is a method to determine the water depth by transmitting sound pulse into water. Recently the multi-beam echo sounder is usually used on the hydrographic survey. The yellow color in the right figure represents the shallow area less than 200m in water depth, and magenta color the deep area from 200m to 7500m. These areas are our territory by multi-beam echo sounder, and full ocean by single beam echo sounder.

■Single Beam Echo Sounding

Single beam echo sounding is used to deploy for the economical survey with a small boat as shown in the right figure.
Our territory by single beam echo sounder is full ocean with many types of equipment including 12kHz system (Kongsberg EA600).

■Multi-beam echo sounding

Multi-beam echo sounding is used to deploy not only for high resolution survey such as submarine structure investigation but also for efficient survey.


Our territory by multi-beam echo sounder is less than 7,500m with many types of equipment to meet the purpose of clients.
Example of a multibeam result No.1
Example of a multibeam result No.2
The wave dissipating concrete armor units
Wreck ship
Example of a multibeam result (EM302)
Operate in gondola style (EM302)
Deep water bathymetric survey (EA600)
Singlebeam echosounder PDR-1300
Multibeam echosounder Sonic2024

The example of operating

・Chart revision surveying
・A submarine cable, the laying of the pipeline are accompanied
 Route investigation, confirmation investigation
・Construction management, the result form confirmation
・Underwater structure investigation
・Fishing ground investigation
・River, dam flooding level investigation
ISO 27001

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