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R2SONIC Sonic2026

The Sonic2026 type is the latest multi-beam depth finder. I can provide the sounding data which are more detailed than conventional Sonic2024 to have a pace studio handbill is function (function to get rid of the unevenness of data by the unrest of the front-back direction of the ship) using the narrow beam which is super high resolution of beam an angle of 0.45 degrees *0.45 degree (450khz) of the line X range direction more. The ability for sounding largely improves and is a system epoch-making at all which can support multi-beam sounding to depth of the water 1000m by boats such as fishing boats what. I cope with every unrealizable investigation so far on a cost side.
The Sonic2026 type can be attached to the small fishing boat such as the photograph, and the outfit work is only around two hours. A system became large-scale, and, in the investigation of the deep sea area that was beyond depth of the water 400m, investigation cost increased by upsizing of the investigation ship and was unsuitable for the investigation between short terms so far. By the introduction of this system, an investigation of deep Kaifu can be realized with the cost like the survey by Asanami part. Please inflect.
ISO 27001
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