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Side scan sonar receives the backscattered wave from the seabed and records the reflection intensity on the line of selected range. By the continuous oscillation, the record shows the seabed feature as the sonic image like a photograph. This survey is effective and fitted for the understanding of the seabed condition widely, compared with a diver survey.
The yellow color in the right figure represents the shallow area less than 200m in water depth, and magenta color the deep area from 200m to 1500m. These areas are our territory by the side scanning.

■The bottom of the sea side exploration
A single beam method and multi-beam method are to the side scan sonar, and our company owns the apparatus of the single beam method.
■Underwater pinpointing machine
The underwater position at the time of side scan sonar towing can demand a correct position by an underwater pinpointing machine.

Combination of Side Scanning and Sub-bottom Profiling

Some of tow-fish has both transducer of the side scan sonar and the sub-bottom profiler, and our territory of this type is up to 1500m in water depth. Both data at same position are useful for the understanding of geological structure as shown in the right figure.
Trace mark of ship's anchor
Wreck ship
Ripple mark
SConceptual operating image of Singlebeam Side scan sonar
KLEIN System3000
EdgeTech 2000-DSS

The example of operating

Submarine cable route survey
Search for underwater missing article
Marine construction management survey
Underwater archeology investigation

ISO 27001
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